Oh How I Indulge!

What is your favorite indulgence?  That just perfect lil bite that makes you smile all the way down to your toes.  Can you get it at anytime or is it seasonal?  Well I thought mine was only a holiday one.  But I found out today it is not.

Normally every year at Christmas I stock up on Liberty Orchard fruit and nut candies.  These are lil bite size morsels of fruit gels with nuts in six orchard-fresh varieties: slow-simmered Strawberry-Walnut, marmalade style Orange-Walnut, cool mountain Blueberry-Pecan, sweet island Pineapple-Macadamia, tangy ripe Raspberry-Pecan, and summer-fresh Peach-Walnut.  I adore them.  Stack the boxes on my nightstand and have one every evening as my own special treat.  So much so that I hate to even share.  I know how stingy.  But once they are gone I have to wait a whole year to get them again.

But today I tried out a brand new box of Liberty Orchard fruits.  And I can share them too.  Why?  Well because these are also sugar free.  Yes they are delicious too.  I was wondering if they could hold up to my favorites and they did.  Our Gentleman here is diabetic.  He too can indulge in a lil treat now too.  Top it off that the box has 48 pieces in it.  So I do not feel like I will lose out when I share them.

Now for me can this get any better?  Yes, it can.  I found I don't have to wait to get them in our lil store at the holidays.  No I can order them online.  Wow, why did I not think to look for this before?  So we all know where my few extra dollars are going to be going soon.  Okay, we have a happy woman.  Almost......because they had to do me one better even.  How?  How about a all natural fruit bar that is:
  • A Good Source of Protein!
  • Made with Heart-Healthy Nuts!
  • Rich in Antioxidants, High in Omega 3*
  • All-Natural, Non-GMO, and 60% Organic!
  • No Preservatives, Trans-Fats, or Cholesterol!
  • Vegan & Kosher, Low in Sodium!
  • Gluten-Free! & Dairy-Free
  Sounds like it is healthy.  But that translates into flavorless, right?

Orchard Bar blew me away.  Oh the flavors were amazing with fruit, nuts and seeds.  Moist and just the right amount of natural sweetness.  I could throw over a chocolate candy bar for one of these any day.  Of course I will also have to fight off College Girl and Dear Hubby for them too.  Why?  Because when we tried the 3 flavors I had we were fighting for each morsel.  Yeah really!  I cut each up into thirds and did a blind taste test with them.  Not telling them what they were or anything.  Scoffed them right up....all of them.  So now I need to order some of them too.  For just $2.50, they will send you two 1.6 bars… Blueberry Pomegranate & Almond and Strawberry Raspberry & Walnut.  And they will pay the shipping and handling too!  Limit: This special offer is for "First-Timers" only, and is limited to one sample shipment per customer. Sorry, U.S. Shipments only.
They will also send you a "Samplet" of their two most popular brands...a 4 piece package of famous Aplets & Cotlets, and a 4 piece package of popular Fruit Delights for just $2.95 plus FREE SHIPPING!  Limit: This special offer is for "First-Timers" only, and is limited to one sample shipment per customer. Sorry, U.S. shipments only.

I have to say this was a red letter day for me.  Yummy goodness that is all good for me too.  YIPPPPEEEE!  You can get a catalog with coupons in it too.  Thanks so to Liberty Orchard for sending me my treats.  I am a thrilled to know I do not have to ration out these gels one a night to have them.  And more so that they are just a click away.  Yeah as always, non paid.  But did get to eat them.  Well not all of them....some habits are just too hard to break.  Want to have one with me tonight?

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  1. They do sound delicious. I hope they don't lose that "special" treat effect now that you know that you can buy them all the time. I used to have a special treat (Wise Cheese Doodles) because we could not buy them around here until one day my Aunt found them at a Gabriel Brothers. Now they are no longer special. lol


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