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What was the life lessons you learned growing up?  Where they stumbled upon while going down the rocky paths?  Or was it that loving nurturing lesson at the hands of your parents?  Was you taught that 'You are a Gift to the World'?  Well I did not learn that lesson as a child.  But have found it to be true and pray that I did give that gift to my College Girl.  Michael Paul Brown learned many of his blessings from his mother.  And now is sharing them with everyone else in his book 'You are a Gift to the World'.  This is a great page by page guide in learning just that lesson.  And then letting yourself grow into it too.

I love helping kids understand they are the most important commodity we have.  That their future is what will help sustain this world in the years to come.  And how they act, think and behave with greatly effect that life.  So in that, they must hold true to their gifts and share them too.  Thankfully Michael was able to grab just that nugget of wisdom to share as a spiritual life coach.  I am sure his mother is very proud of him for doing just that!

In learning life lessons we make decisions on how we are going to take them in.  And how we learn them is so different than when I was a youngster.  Do you remember that report card you brought home.  You know back in 3rd grade.  You slid it out of the envelope with a big smile on your face.  As you unfolded the report card you made sure to hold up that one side.  You know where it had all the S's on it.  Not the reading, writing and arithmetic.  But where it had your citizenship grades.  There where we were graded on how well we worked with others, showed respect to others and their belongings, showed healthy practices and was productive in a timely manner.  I do not see that anymore.  Who is teaching these lessons to our kiddos?  Are they being taught these lessons?  'Uncle Dan's Report Card' does just that.  Gives you a guide on how to help your children (or grandchildren) to learn just those life lessons.  I love that it focuses on how to behave and conduct yourself.  That there is a focus on handling money they earned.  Where they note lessons in hygiene are being cared for.  And that one should be truthful, honest and kind.  Have you thought are you taking the time to really teach your children their citizenship?  What grade would they have right now?  Can it be improved and how?  Maybe you need a chance to read just what lil lessons can be incorporated into their daily routine.

And since I am bringing up how we raise our kids.  And what we teach them.  Have you thought of what they are learning when they are so busy you can't slow down?  You know what I mean.  Wake early so they can dress, have breakfast and do a morning jog before school so they have that extra practice for track and field. Or as soon as school is out they are headed to the barns to care for their FFA project animal.  What about rushing home to have a quick meal in the car so they won't be late for the baseball practice or is it soccer today?  Multiply kids equal multiply activities.  Dance, sports, music, community groups......what do they do? Are your kiddos learning to run run run through out their days?

Or is it wake, breakfast and then plenty of time without the rush to get to class?  Home after school so that they can do their homework, have a snack and decompress some before the family time begins?  Weekends of games with the family and home projects while learning at mom and dad's side?  I am not saying do not have activities.  But to do so with moderation.  'It's Your Kid not a Gerbil' is a great book by Dr. Kevin Leman that helps you create a happier and less stressed home.  A great guide to know what is good at what age for kiddos.  How they can learn and still be part of a loving family unit.  And more so just what steps you can take to help make the stress levels for everyone be at a minimum.  Even better?  I have a gift certificate for one of my lucky readers to receive this book from Tyndale House Publishers.  It is good til the end of this year.  So you can also use it as a Christmas gift for that son or daughter who is starting their own families too.

I do wish to thank the great publicity and publishing companies for allowing me to review these books.  As always unpaid and my own opinion.  But gosh it is great to share.  And that I am happy to do.  Here is how you enter to win.

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