Attitude, Decide, Try and Unwritten Rules

This has been one busy week for me.  Helping our Gentleman to his treatments for cancer every day takes a lil toll out of both of us.  Not only the trip but the interruption in life to remind us all is not right in his world right now.  And I have been in a housekeeping sweeping out the nest mind frame all week too.  I want to throw everything away....well almost everything.  If some one would back up one of those large dumpster out my front door, I would have it filled in a days time.  Just feeling over crowded right now.

But I don't have to.  I can change my 'Attitude!'  Karen Okulicz has sent me her three books on how to change my Attitude, make decisions with Decide and Try to find a job.  Today's economy has everyone looking for ways to just make it.  The playing field is getting to be....hey I have a pulse so I can go to work here.  Every job has a learning curve in one way or the other.  But you can (and should) look at these three books.  I am loving the first one, Attitude!  I am not really hard pressed to make decisions so Decide! may not need much to help me out there.  My problems there are that the items I want to get rid of are ones others want to keep.  And as for Try! I am not looking for a job.  But my neighbor across the street is.  So I am going to share these three books with her.  Maybe it will help her to spur on the changes that she has to face.

Now that is half of it.  Because once your out there you still need to follow the Unwritten Rules.  You know them.  Quentin Parker put it all down in 'The Universal Code of (Formerly) Unwritten Rules'.  I love seeing the 251 rules of common civility that we should all be following.  My favorite for us ladies is #125: A lady should always remember that gentlemen cannot read minds.  Of course we need to tell them what is wrong and what we are thinking and feeling.  They can not guess and always hit the nail on the head.  In our house rule #224 always seems to be missing.  One must always replace the toilet paper when one uses the last of the roll.  Oh how I wish!  How come only moms know the secret to inserting a roll of toilet paper on the holder?
And College Girl wishes her apartment mate would adhere to rule #236: One should always wash one's dishes in a timely fashion rather than just leave it in the sink to fester.

What are you unwritten rules?  Does the family know them?  Share them with me....I wanna see if they made in the 251 rules here!

  • Unwritten Rule #41- One should never take the last doughnut in the box.

  • Unwritten Rule #64- One should never sing or whistle at work, despite Walt Disney's suggestion to the contrary.

  • Unwritten Rule #103- A gentleman should never eschew the "thug" look and thuggish behavior.

  • Unwritten Rule #140- A lady should never use sex as a weapon.

  • Unwritten Rule #185- One should never write an entire e-mail in all capital letters.

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