Getting Hip in the Bedroom

Well I have figured out some of how to help my sleeping around issues.  First off, do my best to stay in one place to sleep.  Have done that for two nights now.  Problem?  Well one night Dear Hubby slept in another bed.  Yeah we both was able to get some sleep but that is not the answer to the problem at all.
Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
I do know that I have figured out that if I can sleep on an incline that I will rest better.  Some acid issues?  Yes.  But also I tend to breath easier and rest better.  I know we could put blocks under the top of our bed but I am not too sure of that.  And Dear Hubby loves to hog pillows so doing the 100 of pillows propping up is not really the answer.  Instead I am going for the sex toy solution.  Really!  Hey I said I have been sleeping around.....well the house here....only!

I ordered the Liberator Hipster to help me out.  Now I am sure it is great for the 'intended' uses.  But I also know that it is firm and wide.  It can handle my weight thus providing me support.  I love the curved design and imagine that it will work well to help me to sleep at an incline while being on my side.  (Just never been one who can sleep on my back.)  I found mine at EdenFantasys and went for the bold hot red color.  Tan would have matched the bedding better but it was sold out.  So guess I will let my inner wild woman come out in the color instead.

This should be arriving next week sometime.  So I will let you know how it works out.  Hey for sleeping purposes.  Any thing else is.....well.....private!  But?  I do want to thank EdenFantasys for helping me out.  They have sponsored many of my post.  With the coupons I received from them I have ordered this for me now.  Pretty sweet!   And this post too will be sponsored by EdenFantasys.  They are kind to give me a chance to order items from them in return for doing a post.  This is the first item I have ordered thus far.  We shall see how it all works out.


  1. Wow, I will order one of those if it makes me look anything like the lady who is rolling around on it. lol I have yet to figure out you are going to sleep on it unless you are going to sleep on your head but you are putting up a good front by using sleeping as an excuse for the post. LMAO. I slept so sound last night that I woke up with a crick in my neck that runs halfway down my back so maybe I should talk dear hubby into one of these. ;)

  2. Tammy, you make me giggle. Yes I can imagine many uses for the liberator....and plan on looking into that. But......

    Honestly.....with the curve and the way I sleep. I can put my head on the big rolled end with my shoulder in the lower curve....then my hip should just go past the lil bump on the end. If it works I will let you know. Seems to me like great support and a solution to my digestive issues.

  3. You crack me up, totally. Just saying you can sew a small pocket onto he back of pajama tops and then put a tennis ball in. If you turn on your back, you'll probably turn back over.

    I'm serious, we used to refer to it as a snore ball in the sleep center.


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