Weekend Fun

Photo via As You Like It from Shakespeare in the Park Dallas
Well it was a busy busy fun loving weekend.  Amazing to see the confidence level in College Girl.  She is standing tall and proud.  Well until the end of opening night of As You Like It and the cast party.  (BTW the play is well worth seeing.   We laughed our booties off.)  Polished off a big ol bottle of watermelon margaritas with me.  I was fine but sweet College Girl was beginning to feel the effects.  All is fine as she told me she woke up with no ill effects.

We also was able to see the Genghis Khan exhibit.  Such luck.  As we were driving to the metroplex Friday evening a tweet popped up that I had won 4 tickets from Frugal Teacher.  See!

Louise Morgan


  1. Sounds like you had a very busy but joyous weekend. I on the other hand spent my weekend getting the tires balanced and rotated on my Trailblazer and then going to get the oil changed. I did however get to enjoy a get lunch with my Aunts at a new restaurant called Hibachi buffet. Yummy!! Then on Sunday I played the lazy card and read my Kindle all darn day! lol

  2. I wish we still had Shakespeare in the park in Fort Worth - I wonder why they stopped doing it here.

  3. Sounds like you had a Wonderful Weekend.. I did as well.. Friday evening took Pizza to a friends house and we all sat around the fire and visited.. Saturday Morning bright and early a friend and I headed to Detroit,Mich (3 hours) to go to Greektown Casino.. had a blast but left some of my hard earned cash there.. Saturday night.. out to a friends and sat around the fire again.. Sunday was terrific fun.. My sister and 4 year old niece The Princess went to The Cheesecake Factory for lunch and then to Build A Bear and the art festival in Columbus, Ohio.. GREAT fun.. Loved it.. Sunday night had a cookout at my house with 6 friends.. Was ready to have the kiddos come back on Monday.. rest up that way!!! Have a wonderful rest of the week.. Glad College Girl is enjoying herself.. easy on those margaritas!


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