In Transit or In Suspense?

"What is my Italian baby doing with that Irish cop?" is what Rita's mom is thinking.
"Why would 'Twinkle-Toes' pair up with such a brute?" is what Rita's training Sargent is thinking.
'How can my partner be so blinded by that dirty cop?" is what Rita's NYPD partner is thinking.

But Rita is thinking that this is the answer from the psychic at the shopping mall.  Rita is the perfect example of eyes closed instead of open wide.  Seeing things from her rose colored glasses while her fingers are crossed behind her back.  Coming across on the job as a hard nose NYPD transit officer but inside still being the ballerina princess she once dreamed of.

I am so enjoying reading 'In Transit' by award winner Kathleen Gerard.  It is great for a mid summer read out on the front porch.  Of course I love to curl up with a good book, it is the most relaxing part of summer for me.  Kathleen Gerard, who I first heard on NPR, manages to write with both the true grit of a police suspense novel while carrying over the dew-eyed romance novel.  Not an easy task to do.  'In Transit', thankfully, does not come across as a fluff piece.  Instead it is compelling, carrying me through the maze of love mixed up on the police force. 

I do wish to thank Tribute Books for sending me the advance copy of 'In Transit' and allowing me to be part of their blog tour.   Pop over to meet some great book reviewers and hopefully some new friends too.  Now it is time for me to go back out to the porch, laze in front of the big ol fan out there and get back to my new friend Rita.  I wonder how she is going to get through the mess her life is muddling into?  Wanna join me?


  1. Greetings Lynette!

    How great to know that IN TRANSIT, a NYC-centric novel, translates to folks in the Lonestar State! Love the way you've presented your thoughts...Clever! You've made the story-line very accessible to readers. Glad to know you're enjoying the book. Thanks for being a part of the tour and keep up the great work on your blog. Happy Summer Reading! :) Kathleen

  2. Lenore, I always love your reviews because you without fail zero in on the heart of a book. You nailed it - it's all about Rita seeing things how they actually are versus how she'd like them to be in her mind. I think that's a dilemma many can relate to and Kathleen does a great job in bringing it to life on the page.

    Enjoy reading out on the porch - the BEST place to read in the summertime :)

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  4. Lynette:

    Wow! Thank you so much for your insightful, perceptive -- and very well rendered -- comments about IN TRANSIT. I'm so pleased that you're enjoying the book and that you've already posted your comments on Amazon and Goodreads. Writing is such a solitary, difficult, endeavor, so it's always nice when readers treat you and your work so warmly - and with respect.

    I really enjoy your blog and you can be sure I'll keep tuning in. Happy Reading...Wishing you a great summer!

    With admiration and gratitude,
    Kathleen Gerard
    IN TRANSIT - Winner, The New York Book Festival 2011..."Best Romantic Fiction" category

  5. Wonderfully written reveiw. Thank you.

  6. I'm reading 'The Circuit' by Bob Shepherd. It's about security consultants in Afghanistan. I don't think you'll like it though, it's a bit blokey.


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