Goofing Off

Hey how is everyone holding up here?  I know it is harder than all get out for me to get into shape this summer.  No not the let me loose weight much as that is needed.  But the get off my butt and get to work shape.  I tell you the heat is knocking me out on my fanny.  And I really hate that.

But let me move on.  So had a wonderful 4th of July weekend.  Did a fun family cookout.  Missed College Girl not getting to be a part of things but she is loving her summer internship in Dallas.  Had a surprise visit from the grandbabes and the other kiddos.  Wonderful as can be!  And of course went to the fireworks show here.  That is the anniversary of Dear Hubby and my first date.  Oh and a long time ago friend and beau called me.  Was so much fun catching up with each other.  Hopefully him and his wife will be through for a visit sometime soon.

What else?  Humm, well have had Princess Emma over some.  Not as much with the horrid heat here.  You know Texas summers and no a/c is not a great match up.  But we are still plugging away.  The kiddie pool has become a great life saver for us.  Also quiet afternoons are a norm right now.  We have enjoyed reading "God Gave Us You" together.  A darling lil cardboard book that I want to use this winter for a Christmas gift.  I love how the polar bears here tell the process of having a baby in a gentle fashion.  Most of all sharing what a gift their baby is to them.  This will be a good one to have for our new grandbabe that we are expecting.

Another quiet afternoon joy has been our new DVD with Eric Herman.  It is "The Elephant DVD" that emerged from the homemade music video called "The Elephant Song".  
Has me singing along. But now with our DVD we can also have the other songs of Eric's. I know that some of the songs can be a bit off, like Steve the Superhero, but they are funny.  Princess Emma giggles at the idea of body odor being a fighting tool.  So yeah, it gets hot here...but not to much so that we can not still dance around and sing with "The Elephant DVD".  This is like an update version of School House Rock for me.

Of course it is not all fun in games unless you have a new Freaky Pet to enjoy also.  Have you seen them?  Each one has a cute side and a cranky side.  (Oh don't we all!)  You can get them at the Hallmark Crown Stores then go online and register your pet.  Then the kiddos will be playing with them in person and with friends online.  I love the lil green Monket that arrived here.  He loves all things fast and acrobatic.  But get going too long and too fast and cranky can become a reptilian wreaking machine.  Freaky Pets are guaranteed to make life interesting no matter what planet you live on! A new interactive that combines a unique line of transformable plush creatures with a browser-based 3D virtual world for kids (and adults) of all ages.  You can try it for FREE just by clicking on the new account button at The first one is free, but to unlock any of the other Freaky Pets you will need to purchase a Freaky Pet reversible toy. Each pet comes with a secret code that brings it to life online.

Yeah I know, I love playing with the kiddos.  It is what keeps me young.  And also I am lucky that these items were sent to me to review.  I did not get paid of course, just the fun of playing with them.  Lucky me!  Guess it is time to get off my duff and get to work now.  Laundry, dishes, know the usual house hold drudgery.


  1. I sure am glad that you have that little pool to cool off in. I am thinking of getting in mine little pool today. Mine is a 12x30 so I can at least float a little. lol As for those Freaky pets, they do look a bit "freaky".

    Enjoy your summer!!!

  2. Yes, Summer has arrived!! Thank goodness for the pool, no matter what size. I wish I had one!! :)


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