And the Winners Are?

The Challenge TrophyImage via WikipediaHello everyone. Miss me? Gosh was amazing weekend. And will share more later. But, having been away from home for about two weeks means I have to get the house cleaning caught up.

No, not the dishes, laundry and sweeping......well yeah, gotta do that.  But I need to tell you who has won all the goodies I have been giving away.  So....let's not put it off.  Oh and don't you wish it was all for just you?

This is Just Exactly Like You , a great debut novel, is awarded to:
Liza767 said...i would love a chance to win these books  Liza767 [at] rocketmail [dot] com  
The signed copy by Chef Richard Chamberlain on The Healthy Beef Cookbook, is awarded to:

candace said... visited texas beef council on line candace smilie gibbons 
The Big Bag Texas Beef Giveaway with Nolan Ryan Beef Gift Certificate is awarded to:

kristyemac said... Whew...Hope I'm doing all this right! I'm always following you, may even be a stalker! Registering for the Big Bag Texas Beef Giveaway...and my favorite beef dish is a big fat medium rare ribeye steak! 
Veggie Tales Live! DVD with 18 silly songs is awarded to: 
amweeks said... I hope it's not too late to enter! We all love the Pirates who don't do anything song! And Larry's Hairbrush song (i gave it to the peach...cuz he's got hair! LOL!) 
Gnomes Are Here Giveaway of Gnomeo &   Juliet DVD or Blu-Ray is awarded to:
Stephanie said... I follow via GFC (thegrants)
Congrats to all of these winners. I will be contacting you through email today. If I do not have a response in 24 hours then I will redo the drawing to a new winner. So check out your email folks!


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