A Cooking We Will Go Giveaway

A cooking we will go, a cooking we will go....hi, ho, and derry oh.....a cooking we will go!  Who wants to join me?  Well I have 4 cookbooks here and one of them I am going to give away to you.  It is a signed copy by Chef Richard Chamberlain on The Healthy Beef Cookbook.  It was put together by him and the National Cattlemen's Beef Association and the American Dietetic Association.  Betsy Hornick also helped get it going too.  I love that the favorite recipes have been marked with tabs already too.  It also has Chef Chamberlain's famous steak rub that he uses at Chamberlain's Steak and Chop House.  Pretty cool, huh?  If you want to win this one then read on to the end of this post.  I will tell you how to enter!

Now on to some others to share with you.  As you know I am excited about the future grandbabe, The Turtle, who will arrive this summer.  I am putting "Best Food for Your Baby & Toddler" in the gift bag for the baby shower this month.  As a new mom, I am sure that she will be thrilled to have a few guidelines to help out.  I know it was something I read about when my own was a lil one.  I love that this is broken down by age range, types of food and has thousand of facts inside to help you understand your choices.  There is more than 150 recipes and snacks inside too.  That is enough to help any mom know what to fix for a meal.  Add in information on breastfeeding, organic foods, allergies and how to start early to prevent childhood obesity....just chalk full of great information.  

My other favorite is 'Simple Food for Busy Families'.  I have several food allergies and am always having to adapt recipes.  I love that this book has mix and match ideas that I can go to.  Taking out what I can not eat and adding in the flavors I love.   Makes cooking much more of an individual taste.  Add in the education that is here on types of food, nutrition available from different foods and how to make quick wholesome meals, you have a winner of a book here.  This is not a cookbook per say.  It is a kitchen text book that I feel most moms would be thankful for.  The whole life nutrition approach is not just for your children as it is for your complete family. 

Next, in keeping with family healthy food, is ever so sweet and sexy Mario Lopez with the 'Extra Lean Family' cookbook.  Here we have over 50 20 minute recipes that we can pop out for our family on a nightly basis.  If your stuck on what to cook, this book has a week by week menu available with the recipes right there.  Naturally lean and healthy meals that have lots of color and textures.  This helps make appealing meals.  Each week has a grocery list included and are easy to put together.  Not wanting to get stuck in a rut, there are double duty meal variations where you use the same ingredients and get two different dishes from them.  Add in the steps to control you weight and have metabolism-boosting ideas, it is a win-win cookbook.  For those super busy homes that need guidance for meal time, this is the cookbook you want to look at. 

Cover of Now for winning that wonderful cookbook at the top, The Healthy Beef Cookbook.  Here  you go!  I was thrilled to attend the Appetite for Inspiration event in Austin held at the Texas Beef Council.  It was FUN!  So if you will be so kind as to pop over for a visit at the Texas Beef Council.  Come back and tell me something you found there.  Then your entered.  Make sure I have your email too!  You can get an extra entry if you add Texas Beef Council to your twitter account with @TxBeef.  Give me the info where you added them and sent out a tweet shout out!  There you have two entries.  Need more?  Okay give me a hint, recipe or idea for cooking amazing beef and I will give you another entry.  Let's get out there and COOK, COOK, COOK!


  1. Hi Lynette! I went over to the texasbeefcouncil website and glad I did, I found several mouth watering recipes and now have Kraft bookmarked for places to get recipes. Can't believe I didn't have it already, I have every other recipe site bookmarked. Thanks for sharing that.

    ps I would love to be in the giveaway for the cookbook!

  2. I found a link to http://www.cattlementocattlemen.org/
    where I found a video about grilling the perfect steak here ( http://bcove.me/fas0lhvz)

  3. I so love grill day here. We will cook a week's worth of food on the grill in one day. Then all week we just have to 'throw' together a meal. Easy Peasy!

  4. Even though I'm the 'non-cooker' I always love reading your posts!!

  5. I went over the the TBC and they have some great recipes and I love the fact that you can print out your own recipe book. I will be going back to do that. They also have lots of interesting beef facts there.

  6. I sent a shout out:


  7. Love all the recipes I found on the website. Definitely bookmarked!

  8. On their website, I saw a section of Kid Pleasin' Meals! I'll have to make Super- Sloppy Sloppy Joes sometime!

  9. I follow TxBeef on twitter! (amweeks)

  10. i love cookbooks every fri one of us opens a cookbok and that is the meal w have for family night it is fun t try new thingsthis way i liked the kid friendly meals

    Liza767 [at] rocketmail [dot] com

  11. visited texas beef council on line
    candace smilie gibbons


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