Success meets Amazing

Is there anyway I can begin to share my day with you?  I am not really sure.  You know when so much has happened around you that there is just more than can soak in.  Well I am there, but in a good way.  First off if you could see my smile me up all over.  Than you would know that today has been amazing. 

The spa.  Yes beautiful even in the drizzle and rain.

The other ladies?  Phenomenal.  Strong.  Out spoken.  Supportive.  And on fire to share the amazing ways they have all succeeded in their lives. 

The company?  Well let's say....not your average glut of let's see how we can get the most return for our money and sock it to you too.  NO!  A company that knows that the quality of life is what we are all striving for.  A company that shares the profits with those who helped acquire it.  But the best (honestly), a company that has a big heart to only be successful by improving the world in which we live.  That is amazing to me. 

So who are these people and company.  Personally.  They are Shane from Environmental Booty, Sommer of Green and Clean Mom, Christine chairing OMG I so need a glass of wine or I'm gonna sell my kids, Carla sharing Momeo Magazine, Louise Edington, Janet the Social Media Queen, Brandy Mychals, Nika The Laptop Mom and Adryenn giving us Wow is Me.  Nine women that are successful in their expertise.  And more so, nine women who get it.  You can have your cake and eat it too.......if your willing to share it with others. 

Now here is the revel.  Shaklee is the company behind our great pleasurable weekend.  this is a company that has made a major impact on this earth.  And been pretty quiet about it.  They have NO, yes No carbon footprint left on this earth.  Green is not a word or color.  It is their life that they share with others.  Best of all, really looking at how they can share their products and profits with others to help both become successful.  Pretty amazing in this day and age of all me lifestyles. 

So much more to tell you.......alas......almost midnight....on the west coast.  Dang, bed calling me.  Thankfully it is a big ol soft one.  Cause here I come!

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