I Have Made the Escape

Okay, I am officially running away from home.  It is beautiful here in Calistoga, California at the Solage Spa.  Even with the drizzle of the rain.  I can handle that.  It has been so long since we have had a long nice drizzle at home.  The earth is parched and needs a good drink just like this. 
This is the view of the lil courtyard from my private room.  Everyone here has done so to make me feel comfortable.  Relaxed and stress free.  And oh, ladies, the guys here are devine to look at.  Whew!  Don't go telling Dear Hubby, but oh my eyes are drinking it all in.  More so I am meeting other bloggers who have been so amazing.  Running their homes, businesses and blogs with a deft hand.  I am the country clod who has come to town to sample the wares.  So nice of them to accept my down home ways and let me just be me. 

I really am ready for today.  After a nice meal with the best conversation from Shane last night.  This lady is on the mark to help you decide just how you can help make those lil one by one changes to help your home be more earth friendly.  Check out Environmental Booty, no no not that kinda booty guys, but a site with wonderful ideas that we can all adapt to.    Then I was off to my room and the BIG OL tub to soak in.  You bet I was just like a pig in mud....wait that is tomorrow....no honest.  I will almost sell my big toe for a good ol soak.  And I promise I did soak every care away.

By the way, anyone wanna sponsor a lazy ol happy housewife?  I sure could run away if it was like this.  Come on girls, join me in a mental happy 5 minute run away.  Where would you go?


  1. Well we just adore your country ways! :) and oh my, yes, when I called the front desk and asked for a big strong man to hole mt up in the shower, they didn't exactly say no...

  2. Lynette (I'll call you that even though I know your name). It's a real pleasure to meet you here and to hear your story. I look forward to getting to know you a little better over the next couple of days.And this spa is AMAZING isn't it!
    Louise Edington
    Fearless For Freedom

  3. We love who you are!! Each of us is different and needed in this world...so happy to be able to call you friend. :)


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