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Well folks, I am high up in the clouds. Flying to California right now. I am surprised that this is really happening. Lucky to have a window seat which is my preference. To look out at the clouds and marvel the ability that this big ol tin can is soaring through the air.

I use to do this often. In my previous life, abet when I was much younger, I was a business woman. And travel to and from was quite common. Of course I mostly saw airports, hotels and meeting rooms. I will see several of those items once again this weekend. But there is more. Lucky as can be there is extra time to sight-see in San Francisco this morning. Arriving earlier than most so a car and driver has been made available to me and one other blogger from Canada. I wonder what we will see. The Golden Gate Bridge? China Town? The Painted Ladies? Love having time to do the tourist thing even if it is just for a few hours. Tonight I will be at the Solage Spa. Beautiful I am sure. I can’t wait to see the place. Pools, hot tubs, places to work out and walk about. They even have bicycles for us to use to travel into town. Tomorrow there is a wine tasting and dinner in Napa Valley. And Sunday morning is my mud bath from the spa. I chose it as it would be something I would never get to do. And there is a big ol tub to sit in and relax when cleaning up. That alone will make me happy.

Of course there are meetings all through out the whole process. And I get to learn much. I can’t wait to be able to share it all with you here. I am nervous. Excited! And a bit pensive. Time away from home, Dear Hubby and just general control of my surroundings. This is a step back in time for me. But also an amazing chance to see different places, meet different people and more so, learn different things. Wish me luck.

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