Time to Dress Up the Girls

I am still out of town hanging with my College Girl. And as it always happens, we forgot one thing...well just not enough of one thing. Can you believe it? She needed an extra bra. Well of course no biggie, we went looking. But first we had to find what she wanted. So we looked online. And did we ever find some doozies.

College Girl said this one would hold her over for snack time. I know several lil girls who would want this one too. The Candy Bra.

Ok I think I have almost seen every thing. Have you? Well here is a new one for us shoppers who want to help save the environment. And create a lil environment of our own. I just know it would raise a few eyebrows when I pull this off to convert.

But we really did like all the ones we found at EdenFantasys.  This one would make a great swim suit if it just had the bottoms to go under the lil skirt. 

And we can even have our jewelry built right in.  Actually can see this working with a nice suit dress.  Would be just the right touch of bling.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
Sad to say we had to go with form and function.  Just a plain ol everyday bra.  But I know for a fact that College Girl has picked out several online she wants.  Guess it is time for me to shop for something a lil more fun and lil less function.  Gosh they grow up so fast!

I want to say thanks so to EdenFantasys for letting me browse.  And more so for sponsoring this post.  What a joy to shop and dream at the same time.


  1. i wonder how long it took to actually trans form the bra into a bag what's the product name "the Brag" or come buy our "Braggie" very cute today. i do linda the bra lady. she's got everything in every size from itty bitty to jumbo melon :)

  2. weresthe candy panties to go with the bra

  3. New Bra on today... seriously hate new bras.. will be glad when its all "broke" in!


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