Sunday Sillies

I am greatly enjoying my visit in Dallas.  Sunday I was lucky enough to go to an art fair.  It was hot but bright and beautiful.  I thought I would share some of the interesting parts with you.
I loved the color and whimsey of this painting.  And love the technique with painting of the shadows too.
 Now if a car has ever been bedazzled, this has to be the winner.
 This is a metal flower garden.  Jut the kind I could grow.
 Pink and all this fun funky car.
And last but never least is the message of Love that was painted on the hood of another car.  It is what makes the world go round.


  1. wish i could have gone glad u hd a great time

  2. Love this post, and your new look is great!

  3. That car is just too too bedazzled for me lolol


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