Busy Week

Hey there! I sure have missed everyone here. How has it been going in my abscense?  I  hope everyone made themselves at home here.  And I am still off on my adventures right now too.  But have a moment to share what all is going on.

College Girl is now in Dallas working on her internship program.  Hotter than hades too.  She said that yesterday her fingernail polish was melting right off of her nails.  Can you believe that?  Amazing!  And she will be working outdoors all summer.  Thankfully she is staying well hyradeted.

I am having a nice time visiting with my friend.  We have not been able to just hang out for the longest time.  This is a great decompression time before my California trip.  Oh there is so much to share with you of all that is going on at that time.  I can't wait.  But back to the present.

I have done a lil shopping too.  Found me a lovely 14kt gold piece for my "Marilyn Monroe" beauty mark.  I am hoping that the place will finally finish healing now.  Silly metal allergies bother me.  Oh and I am sporting my bright SLAPwatch.  It is bright pink and I love it.  Such fun and reminds me of my youth.  Have you seen them?  And not pricey either at $19.95.  The SLAP Jr. has all the numbers on the face and is $17.95.  Of course I love the color.  But better yet, you can get different bands and just switch out the watch face from one to the other.  It goes on like the slap bracelet of my youth.  This is made of a silicone so it does not break me out.  I love that!  Wonder what colors you would like to mix up.  They have tons of color combinations available.

Today I am going to off to see a art fair.  Hang with CG and my friends.  And help another sweetie move.  So it going to be a busy busy day.  I will not be home again til the 7th of June.  So you will see me off and on.  But I will keep you posted of what is all going on. 

Oh and remember to enter those giveaways in the right column.  I am going to be finding winners soon and you would hate to miss out!

And as always, any item I review is not a paid review. But my thoughts on that item are all my own. I may be provided with the item to have it to review but that is all.


  1. Love the watch! And you'll be visiting my neck-of-the-woods, California? Great! Have a ton of fun here!!
    Sounds like you're doing that already. :)
    My daughter has a metal allergy too. Not fun.

  2. Sounds like a fun day today :)

    .... but that poor girl works outside???? OH MY

  3. Sounds like you are having a great time... What fun!!! Remember if you ever come to Ohio stop by.. I will kick Lucy out of the Spare Room for you!!!

  4. Hey Kiddo! I wondered why I haven't heard from you! Sounds like your having a blast!

    Hubby and I will be leaving very shortly to spend a month in Arkansas or somewhere around their to fish, if we can find a place not flooded. We will be gone for a MONTH. I am so looking forward to it! Just kicking back in my 'tube a coke in one hand and a fishing rod in the other! (Maybe doing some blogging on the side when it's too hot to fish! LOL!
    Just wanted to check in with you! Love ya and God Bless!


  5. Sounds like you are having fun!

  6. Cool Watch!
    I Am Gonna Go Out Now
    And By One.
    All I Need To Know Is Where To Get Em.
    Leave A Comment On My Blog Telling Me.


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