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Well College Girl has been putting the word out that she is ready to date again.  Even signed up at some sites to meet that special someone or maybe a new friend.  And it has gone about as expected.  A whole lot of not a lot.  She has met one gentleman that she does really enjoy talking too.  Of course as fate would have it, right after meeting she had to come on up to Dallas for two months on her internship.  So they are regulated to text and phone calls for the time being. 

But as College Girl would have it, she is also reading up on relationship help.  Having only been in one during her teen years she does not have much experience to fall back on.  "The Case for Falling in Love" by Mari Ruti, PhD is—as Publisher’s Weekly puts it—“an extremely refreshing take on an overdone genre.” Mari, educated at Brown, Harvard and the University of Paris, believes the premise that today’s conventional wisdom on dating  is commercialized, shallow and flat wrong.  More than that, it’s damaging to women.

What College Girl likes is that the book uses modern issues to make the case for classic romance and love.   It’s a fun, contemporary read, not stodgy.  So many books on relationships are just annoying.   Has a new fad for everything.  College Girl wants some one steady, not the latest and greatest thing to come along.  Written in a funny, thought-provoking, and sharply intelligent style, Ruti’s Case for Falling Love engages and informs while dispelling today’s Top Misconceptions, such as:

· In order to make romance work, women need to learn to interpret the “male psyche” and develop a toolbox of luring techniques

· Women must resort to some variant of “Hard to Get” to win a man

· To succeed, women must “massage the male ego”

· Failures at Love are failures in Life

Well level headed College Girl is not going to play those games.  She is looking for someone not only her equal but that has a brain....and loves sharing that part of themselves the most.  Not your average hottie, even though her body says other wise.  CG knows that a long lasting relationship is built on friendship first.  She also is aware that it is not the first thing you do, fall in love.  It is a time consuming act that hopefully will be repeated with the same person over and over again as the years go by.

And as always, any item I review is not a paid review. But my thoughts on that item are all my own. I may be provided with the item to have it to review but that is all.

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