Making Monday Spit Shine Ready

Howdy all! Today has been a busy one. Making plans, fixing up spaces and getting ready for new family. It is always exciting when your opening you home up to one more. At least it is for me.  With the busy weekend behind me I am now trying to get back on track.  And that means getting my life, family and home back in order.  I can not stand chaos at all. 

So today I was able to clean the living room really well.  Moved out furniture and swept everywhere.  Rearranged too!  Also moved items from one spot to another to make space to fit in a few extras in a few spots.  It will help out.  The Wee One and her beau need a place to put there items while they are visiting.  So was able to clean out my games cabinet so they can put clothes there for now instead.  Also have figured out a better bedding solution too.  At least one that works for me. 

I am also looking at what I can do to make the future a lil easier for a few.  I have books for College Girl to cash in at Hastings.  It goes on a card and she will make her Christmas purchases from this account.  I also contacted a friend or two about books I have to get to them.  BTW Heather, you sent back your box of books by error.  Holler at me.  Oh and Robin won the Mosaic Bible giveaway.  I sent her an email to let her know.  Congrats.  I am working on 3 other giveaways for this month also. 
And I am hoping to get all my birthday gifts and baby shower gifts ready.  I have a book to add to the baby shower gifts called "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" that I hope will make it easier for the Turtle.  It is advising gentle ways to help your baby sleep through the night.  Oh how hard that is to do for so many.  You know that every child is different and have their own patterns.  Just as each family has their own ways too.  Now to match them up and give them the tools to make it all work out for the best.  That is a win win solution.  This covers it all.  Safety, SIDS, Sleep Facts, Logging Your Facts and how to get your own good nights sleep.  I am sure that Miss Stac will be happy to have one more lil book to help her.  Being a first time mommy is so very hard. 
I hope all is going well for you too.  Tomorrow will bring more work.  Lovely cool air like today.  And maybe a bit more rain.  Let's all be thankful for what we are enjoying.  Oh and by the know my books are here as reviews.  Many publishers are kind to send them to me but do not pay for my thoughts or opinions.  Those are just free!

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  1. See I had no idea you kept all the cans facing front :) I'm getting there... And the day I do I'll be wearing nylons and white gloves! lol


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