For the Birds

We are so happy to have our youngest daughter and her beau here visiting right now. The Wee One has never been to our home before this visit so it is a very big deal to us. And she has never met her half brother and half sister. Well yesterday....she was surprised when The Grandbabes and her half sister drove up. Squeels and all! Can you believe this is their very first meeting?  It should have never been this long for them....but they are making up for lost time.  'Vannah was asking how she could miss someone so much she had never met.  Well now she knows that they are sisters always...never to worry about that bond not being there any more.

And of course I had a great day with all.  The grandbabes loved hanging at Nonnie's again.  We did a bird house project together.  So cool.  Now it is hanging in my tree and the birds love it.  We used the Red Tool Box Bird House Kit and the Red Tool Box Kids Tools.  Of course there was supervision.  Wanna see what they made me?
Landon loved the tools. Wanting them all right then. Of course we had to watch what he had as they are real tools that are just the right size for lil hands. Hammer and screw drivers where ok. But the saw and file was put up for this project. Thankfully we did not need them just yet.  Red Tool Box has an electric drill the kids can use also.  But loud sounds tend to bother the kids.  Since this is our very first project we thought we would keep it simple.  Let's work our way into each new item.
TK conentrated so hard to screw in the screws real tight. Sadly she did such a good job that one of the heads popped off. Pouted! But we explained it was fine. The Bird House would stay together fine.  Did you ever know a screwdriver takes two hands?  Well it did for Miss TK.  She wanted to so sure it did not slip. 
Yes, lil boys love hammers. And this peg got just the right amount of tapping to get it in place. Actually I was very surprised at how gentle he was being.  I have to say thanks so to Red Tool Box for sending us this to try out.  And the cool tool sets too!
Didn't it turn out great!  We have not painted it yet.  Prefer to wait til we get some paint that will be good for outside.  And then of course something to seal it too.  But the top does open on a hinge.  So we poured in bird seed for good measure and hung it in our tree.  BTW, these tools are so good that College Girl obtained them.  Made a place to hang them up out of the kiddos reach even.  We can all share them for future projects too.  I love that they really are the right size for a child.  But very durable tools.  These are items we can use for many years to come.  I am already thinking of what we will be doing next? 


  1. I am SO glad she finally got to come down and the sis's could meet, bout time! Glad yall had an awesome day as well!! I know you were excited, and I cant even imagine the excitement of Dear H!! Enjoy the rest of your time!

  2. And a great time was had by all!! For the most part, anyway. :)
    Another great post!! Loved the photos too!!

  3. Those pictures are too cute - I so rmember ben when he was that age. sometimes I take out photos just to look :) Its such a sweet age :)


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