Found the Perfect Chip

Do you have that one family member or friend that it is harder than heck to cook for? I know we all have differences in what we like but those also that have allergies. We have to take that seriously when preparing meals for them. I have some odd ones myself.  I can not eat anything cooked in aluminum.  Really!  Isn't that an odd one?  And I can not eat cumin, coriander or cilantro.  Let's not even talk about tomatillos.

But Dear Hubby has an Uncle T that is both macrobiotic in diet as well as allergic to gluten due to Celiac disease.  It makes cooking for him pretty challenging.  But I am always up for a challenge!  So I have learned how to bake cakes with rice flour, egg substitute and no milk of any kind.  My mom-in-law would just make him fresh fruit and veggie plates.  Not me, I wanted to be able to do more.  Create whole meals that start with lil snacks and end in dessert.  I have made him soups, salads, main courses and numerous side dishes.  And it has been fun to do.

Now that is all well and good when you have a kitchen to cook in.  But there are the times that a quick meal is needed.  And it is not as easy a pulling into the local fast food.  Uncle T actually has to think ahead and pack food for trips.  Many of the prepackaged foods do not taste all that .....well.  I found him something that works with his diet and taste great.  Beanfields  Bean &  Rice Chips.  I was quite shocked to find a chip that is made from navy beans, black beans, long grain rice sunflower oil and sea salt to be very good.  Why?  Well I did not expect any flavor or crunch to them.  But that is just not so.  These have a great flavor and perfect crunch.  Being corn and gluten free, a complete protein source, farmed and made in the USA too.  These were a perfect addition to our enchiladas the other night.  We tried the sea salt and pepper chips and the sea salt chips.  I so wanted to try the pico de gallo ones but they have that dreaded cilantro I can not eat.  Dang the luck. 

I am glad these are in California as that is where our Uncle T is at.  So I can now turn him onto a good snack that works with his diet.  Thanks so to Beanfields for sending me a couple of bags to try.  Everyone here loved them.  Even our friend down the street!  I found only one thing wrong with these chips......they are not in Texas.  Darn the luck.  Delicious is to simple a word for them.


  1. I need to try these! You said a good protein source? Yes, I gotta try that!! :)

  2. the BeanTeam5/4/11, 1:31 PM

    We're so glad you liked the chips Lynette. And if you can be just a little patient, we'll be in TX stores shortly!

  3. I'm glad Beanfields is jumping on the bandwagon, I love Beanitos Bean Chips, hope I like the Navy Beans as well, never tried a Navy Bean!


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