What is in the Bag?

I am so happy to do the book swap. Already we have had a few request that I have been able to accommodate.  One swapper wishes to have Christian books.  While another is swapping cookbooks.  Pretty good ideas.  I am linking up people right now and will be getting the swap info to each one by tomorrow.  Meanwhile my bookshelf has been perused for the last few days.  Trying to see what I might swap.  Well here are four books that might end up in my swap bag for someone else to enjoy too.

My first one that may go in the bag is The Quest of the Warrior Sheep.  This is a fun lil farce in juvenile fiction.  Following just what Sal the sheep does when he was bonked on the head by an UFO.  Rushing to the others they decide that it is a sign that Lord Aries is in trouble.  The sheep posse takes off to save him while having to battle the bank robbers who are looking for their UFO (actually a cell phone).  I can't wait to get the next book, The Warrior  Sheep go West.  I am sure that it will be just as fun.

 The next one is from two of the funniest guys on radio, Rick and Bubba.  We Be Big is the mostly true story of how two kids form Calhoun County, Alabama, became Rick and Bubba.  I had one of their books before on marriage.  It had me rolling with laughter.  So this one was quite welcome to cross my path.  Here we see how these two country boys made it to the big time in radio.  Hearing the truth mixed in with down home humor.  I know that these guys could be my next door neighbors....heck would love that at bar-b-que time!

Oh and did I tell you I have a Cozy Mystery?  I love this one.  Ann Summerville, our transplant Texan, brought home the story in High Tide.  We travel to Ann's homeland of England with Giovanna Matthews.  Here she discovers a body that drifted in the high tide.  Not believing that it was an accident, Gia starts working to uncover the mystery around the village.  While this is all going on, Gia's boyfriend has a visitor that is not welcome at all.  Gia has to go between the mysterious death and the unwelcome visitor trying to find out what is going on and not lose her footing too.  Pretty hard to do.

My last one is a book that has moved me to tears.  Forgiveness: A Time to Love and a Time to Hate will be featured on PBS in April on the 17th and the 24th.  This topic is so hard for most people to really embrace.  But in Forgiveness I have read how people in the most amazing situations have found that it is for their balance to forgive.  My own past has had some horror stories that in time I learned to forgive.  Now I did not say forget as that will never happen.  But in forgiving those who have cause me damage, I was healed.  The anger, depression and pain is not carried around every day.  Instead I am free to be myself, whole and healthy once again.  Forgiveness will be a hard one not to share as well as one I want to keep too.  An amazing book on healing from within.  If you wish you can follow them on facebook.

I am lucky enough to have these books to review.  And thankfully to share too.  Of course, I am never paid for any of this.  Instead I just have the pleasure of reading.  Oh what joy that is!


  1. The first and the last ones look good to me!
    How do we let others know what we are willing to swap? Did I miss that?

  2. Don't mean to be rude, but that font straight up hurts my face.
    I think it might push comic sans away from worst font ever designed.

  3. Thanks for posting a review of my book, High Tide. Hope you enjoyed it.

  4. Got your email - will contact my partners. And you have an award today.

  5. Those look like some wonderful books! I've bought so many books lately, but haven't had the time to read them yet. I'm chomping at the bit!! Enjoy yours, everyone!!


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