Spring is in the Air

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Yes we have changed time this last weekend.  And it feels so pretty outside.  May have a lil nip in the air in the mornings but by mid day it is beautiful outside.  We are moving all of Granny M's plants back to our large front porch too!  So now, I am ready to spruce it up out there and get the color going once again. 

One of the things I want (since I love frogs) is from Pier 1.  This is a cute watering pitcher.  Granny M gave me a multi color frog planter for Christmas this year.  Well wouldn't this be perfect with it.  And if you visit www.pier1.com/outdoor you can sign up for a special in-store offer for this weekend of March 18 - 20.  

I started poking around the Pier 1 site and found some real colorful furniture that would be perfect on my porch.   My favs would be this chair that comes in yellow, blue and red.  I love that it can also be used inside too.  Need extra seating at one of the many dinners we throw here, well pull the chairs off the porch and bring them inside.  Make it quite festive too.  Pair up these chairs with this table and it would be time to start playing games outside once again.

I signed up for the Pier 1 Outdoor newsletter  so that I may know of what specials are coming up.   And I plan on joining in on the Pier 1 Tweetups  that are coming up.  Here is the schedule.

Dallas: March 22nd  Atlanta: April 5th  NYC: April 20th 

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  1. I have never been to a Pier 1. We do have one about 40 minutes away but I never get up that way very often. I do occasionally get online and look and they have some really awesome things. Eww, frogs! Really? They are so green and gooey and give me the heebee geebee's. lol


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