My Beauty is Back

College Girl made it back from her trip to Nashville last night. I am so happy to have her back home. It was a long 5 days for me but flew by for her.  But in came the luggage and the unpacking began.  She learned well how to roll her clothes to take up the least amount of room.  And she had her make up in a separate bag too.  It has taken 20 yrs for her to get into the makeup thing.

You see my College Girl never did like the beauty thing.  No ribbons, lace, lipstick and such.  We did not get to roll the hair, have tea parties or do a spa day.  Instead I had a very smart young lady who wanted to learn and share that with others.  Hey, I can't complain about that.  But finally while she is now in college we get to bond with our beauty habits.  Even though the book Bonding over Beauty was meant to help a mom and her tween bond and learn, I am finding use for it now.  We both have learned how to use different hair styling tools.  I mean things have changed since I was a teen.  Back then a blow dryer and hot rollers were the limit.  Now there are irons to make hair straight, curly or kinky.  Gosh where to begin.  Also I finally found out the secrets to plucking my brows and not crying through the whole thing.  I still prefer wax but oh no, not for College Girl.

Erika Katz, the author of Bonding Over Beauty, A Mother-Daughter Guide to Self-Esteem, Confidence and Trust, is a former child model and actress.  She appeared in over 100 commercials, print ads, films and  interned in the beauty department at Seventeen magazine.  Erika focuses on encouraging and strengthening the mother-daughter relationship through simple, fun, and intimate activities such as teaching your ‘tween basic beauty rituals like painting her nails or making an organic face scrub from scratch.  I wish to thank Erika for sending me this pretty lil pink book to review.  Of course she did not pay me as that is just not the way things are done.

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