Just Call me Bag Lady

Did you know I am a bag lady?  Honestly.  I have a collection of bags that I carry around in my car that would put most bag ladies to shame.  I adore having my bags.  Big ones that handle large purchases like those family size toilet paper packages.    My lined bags that I use to put meat in from the store to home.  The many book size bags that hold everything!  Toys, trash and tools even.  I have pink ones.  Ones that are ecologically based.  And those that tout stores and products.  But now I can also give you bags.  Yeap!  I have bags to wrap my gifts in too.

Eco Bags have their Celebrate collection.  I can now pop in my gifts to family and friends and they are instantly wrapped.  Top that off, I am sharing bags with everyone so they can also become bag ladies like me too.  I love that they are simple in design.  I can use them for any holiday.  And they are made from recycled cotton.  Pretty good way to save another lil bit in this world and still share with others. 


  1. I have the largest collect of bags, too. Most of them book related. Can't imagine why!

  2. Hey Kiddo! I have lots of bags, the problem is they're either from "Walmart" or the Commissary. Haha! Oh! I do that the regular gift bags (paper) or whatever that stuff is that they're made of! and One "Curves" bag.

    God Bless!

  3. THose are great bags! I have started to keep bags around. And am glad to have less of the crappy plastic bags taking up space in the pantry.


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