My Amazing Gift from the SSS

Remember I told you I was doing the Secret Santa Soiree over at Decisionally Challenged by Georgie.  Well my swap box arrived and I have all kinds of goodies here.  Linda at Country Pickin's drew my name.  And she made me up a box of fun that I am so excited about.  Look here and see what all I got! 

Dean Koontz and one I have not read yet!  I can't wait to dig in.
Some real sweet body wash, soap and lotion are real good things. They smells so awesome.  It made me weepy. My grandmother use to give me fine milled soap as a young lady. I have not had this in over 25 years.
Including chocolate is great.....Ghirardelli just means that Linda really ROCKS!
And coffee to start my morning off right.  You know I am a fanatic about Coffee.  So you know what is being fixed this morning for me....Your right, Seattle's Best French Roast!
I get to pamper myself.  This is not a common thing for me.  But now I can have nice fingernails, and then a facial to go along with that. Did I mention the facial is PINK!  Yeah, too cool.  And there are a couple little bottes of lotion.  They smell really good and come from Slippery Slope Soaps and were made by Cassandra.  Smell just like a warm baked oven full of Christmas pies!  They are Spiced Pumpkin hand and body lotion and Spiced Pumpkin organic body wash
I love penguins, so now I have a votive holder of a penguin with peppermint candy in it, a little windup penguin, (too cute, I know Princess Emma will wanna see it walk), there is a darling lil penguin eraser and a little paddle and ball to waste away the time.  We will not forget the candy canes and super soft pink socks that were stashed away too!  One thing I really liked was a perfect lil country ornament of a stocking to go on my tree.  I have not had time to pick one up for this year with Dear Hubby in and out of the hospital.  Now I have this years ornament all thanks to Linda at Country Pickin's.


  1. What fun!!! Love being in a swap and haven't joined in one in a while.. might be time.. next time I see one.. I'm in..
    Looks like this box full of goodies was meant for you!!!
    Have a great day and enjoy "Pampering" yourself.. you deserve it!

  2. I am in awe!!! wow Linda sent you some very lovely gift items!!!!


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