A Woman to Contend With!

I love the spunk of Texas women. They may be known a big hair ladies but we all know you Don't Mess with Texas Women.  We are a class all to ourselves.  Full of go get 'em and watch out we are going to win one way or another attitude.  And I recently was introduced to another of these amazing ladies, Linda Gayle Thompson.  Linda wrote a great lil book called, Hookers, Midgets and Fire Trucks:  An Invitation to Our Party.  Now that alone is a great title of a book and made me wanna see what she had to say. 

I fell for her zest for life, real-life stories of her and her devoted husband and the combination of wit and out right belly laughs.  Linda was willing to give us the stripped down version of life's lil lessons while giving us a personal view of how she has overcame many adversities.  I so needed a support book to share in those life trying days when I wonder what is happening in my life and how I lost control of it.  Of course knowing that things happen for a reason, we may just not understand at first.  Linda and her husband  Mike run a construction company, oh by the way, Mike is a quadriplegic.  Yes, that is looking adversity in the face and winning.  Linda, like myself, has battled depression...the insistent illness.  But in her quirky big as Texas manner she has helped many motivate passion into healing.  I have to say that I give Hookers, Midgets and Fire Trucks:  An Invitation to Our Party two thumbs up in the hoot and holler division!

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.

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