I have gone to the Dogs

I love my doggies.  All 5 of them.  They are the automatic love givers around here.  No matter what they are ready to be petted.  College Girl can pick up leashes and they go crazy, knowing that they are going on an adventure.  (Silly us, we know that it is a walk.)  Each of the dogs have their own special ways. 

Penny Bright was inherited from my birth father when he passed.  She is a beautiful golden Labrador.  Penny was not raised around children so she had to learn about them here.  That was a quick lesson.  Sadly she still does not like children around her face.  The kids learned that lesson quickly too.

Chip is College Girl's number one dog. Always at her side and willing to let anyone pet her.  Quiet and calm.  But she knows how to climb a fence with just a quick jump.  She does not run away.  Just comes around the house to sit on the front porch.  Loyal always.

Steve is the second of College Girl's pets.  He is a weird mix of a dog.  Looking like a short squat big dog.  Odd.  Steve is also a hound dog at heart.  He talks, howls and yowls with us.  The best of all of the doggie singers.

Aliea is my love.  A brindle colored chihuahua who loves to snuggle under the covers with me. An automatic toe warmer to beat all toe warmers.  I so adore having this lil lady to cuddle, pet and kiss all over.  She is quick, bright and happy. 

Baby Doll is Granny M's toy chihuahua.  She was a gift from College Girl.  Always right at someone's butt.  Yes, I said that.  Baby Doll knows that the petting is best when you cuddled up next to somebody.  She never misses a chance to get petted.

Another great lil dog is Freddi the Dog.  Now I met Freddi via a book that I was reading to the grandbabes.  Freddi is a mischievous lil doggies.  But it is just because she has one tenny, weeny, itsy, bitsy, tiny, naughty bone!!!
And if Freddi's naughty bone gets tickled, Freddi gets in trouble.  How the kiddos love hearing about Freddi and what adventures happened.  I liked the colorful illustrations by Bruce Hammond.  Lisa and Randy Herman wrote Freddi the dog telling us about their real dog.  And as all of us who are pet owners know that there all sorts of stories we tell about our own pets.  Share this one with the kiddos.  By the way...here is what the real Freddi (Fredericak!) looks like.
DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.

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