Quirky, Nuts, Oddball.....Yeah that's Me!

Do you or your family members have some odd quirks?  Are y'all the 'nutty' ones on the family tree?  And do you know all those embarrassing but funny stories?  Well of course that is all of us in one way or another.  I know that there are a few quirks here.  Let's see. . .

1.  Am the only one who really likes to wash my hair in the kitchen sink.  Odd as it seems, I prefer to use the kitchen sink...it feels like I can get to my head of hair better.  Sorta 1950's ain't it?

2.  Did you know I met my Dear Hubby (before he was DH) at a family funeral.  Eeeck...sorta redneck huh?

3.  I hate showers!  Why?  I can't stand the water hitting me.....feels awful to me.  I feel the same way about rain.

4.  Dear Hubby has 8 people in his immediate family that share 3 names, but they are not Jr., Sr or the third.  John, Curtis and Virginia Mary are honest to goodness used up names there.

5.  Dear Hubby twirls around in circles when he is stressed out.  We laugh and tell him to stop.  But he does go round and round and round.

6.  College Girl suffers from automatonophobia which is the fear of wax figures, humanoid robots, audio animatronics or other figures designed to represent humans. She discovered this at a museum for the mentally ill that was filled with mannequin's.

7.  College Girl and I can not go to a store without 'fronting' the shelves.  Meaning we put things in order, with the labels facing forward and move items to their proper place if they are not there.  Stores love us!

Why am I sharing this odd ball quirks?  Well I know we all do things a lil different.  That is what makes us human and sometimes funny.  But it is interesting to know of other peoples quirks.   I have been enjoying the short stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul:  Family Matters.  It is filled with outrageous true stories about families in general.  Amusing and many laugh out loud stories, you know the crazy day to day events we all love.  I am happy to know I can share 3 of these books with my readers.  Comments are the way to enter.  And this time I want to know one of your odd quirks...or that of a family member.  Extra entries are by following me on GFC.  Make sure I have your email too so I can notify the winners. This is limited to U.S. and Canada residents.  Thanks so much!

DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.


  1. I am not sure if my other comment went through. Let me know if it didn't. I am a GFC Follower as Charity:)


  2. Well, here goes again:) My sister has a funny quirk of bouncing her leg. No matter where we are or what we are doing her leg is going:D It really gets irritating at a restaurant though. Please enter me in this great giveaway! Thanks!


  3. Thank you for your comment on my SSS post. I try to please the name I get with things they like. It makes me happy to make someone else happy. It was a pleasure shopping for her. She seems like a great lady.

  4. My sisters like to make up nicknames for me. With a name like ELIZABETH, the choices are almost endless! I go by LIZ, but they try to call me any other nickname they can think of! And I always reply "Don't call me that!" so they think it's funny. And we're all over 25 now - so it's not like we're little kids. Sisters, huh?
    wilburnnewsome atyahoodotcom

  5. Comment from Facebook reader. Left it on page with Network Blogs.

    Heather Milligan, Lenore ...after reading this I can only sit here & laugh. I don't think I need to comment on this because afterall you know the true story of my whole nutty family ...ooopsss did I say that ? Why yes I did ... ROFLMAO ..... it's all good though .....xoxoxoxo...HMM

  6. Oh you really don't want me to get into my families quirkiness... trust me we could write a book.
    For instance my Mom had 6 children... and liked the letter M... Maureen, Marsha, Melanie, Maurice, Matthew, Monica!!
    Its ok.. another part of our family has... Lorinda, Lucinda, Melinda, Jolinda... Linda...
    My sister has Troy, Tressa, Travis..
    My cousins are Jon Lee, Jan Len, and Jay Lyle.. we are a strange bunch!!


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