Splash of Fall Soup

I am making Vanilla Pumpkin Soup today. 

I took a nice lil ol pumpkin, took out the seeds to roast later and cut it up in chunks.

Then I started taking the 'meat' out of the pumpkin.  This was going on a cookie sheet to roast in the oven.

The outer shell was saved to feed to the wild birds outside. 

I then took the roasted pumpkin and added it to half n half, pumpkin pie spice, vanilla, butter, chicken stock, cinnamon, almond flavoring and sugar. Brought that to a boil.

Then I blended it all in the blender. Made it into a warm rich goodness!


  1. I loved the comment you left on my post "Does Your Faith Work?" I love it that you see God in everything.

    God Bless,

  2. Wow, you mean there is something else you can do besides carve a pumpkin?? I really never do anything else...

  3. Do you have the recipe for this? I have been looking for a vanilla pumpking soup recipe ever since tasting some in a Hong Kong restaraunt.

    1. Linda, this is how I did make this. All to taste and guessed on measurements. Really just started with what flavors I remembered from having some at the museum and went from there.


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