Looking Mighty Orange Around Here

I wanted to have fun and enter I Heart Faces weekly contest. This week the contest is based around the color orange.

My first photo I thought of was Dear Hubby and the Grandbabe on the big ol Deere front end loader.  See Dear was saying "Look Ma, No Hands!"

Then I remembered how much fun the other Grandbabe had with me when she wanted to look like a tiger.  Just a lil at home make up and she was off and roaring all around the house. 

But I decided on our Grandbabe Boy wearing Poppy's Navy cap with his orange  Baby Brother Strikes Again t-shirt.  He looks so cute.


  1. Adorable.. and I love the shirt!

  2. cuteness...i also love me a little orange! love the face painting!

  3. Your grandbabes are adorable! Yes, multiple choice means you could get one right. Beware though! When I took my college entrance exam, I guessed at most of the math questions cause they seemed to be mostly algebra, and I had never taken algebra in my life! Anyway, when I got the results of the test, it said I was smart enough to go into intermediate algebra! DUH! Needless to say, I asked to be put back into intro Algebra, and I STILL couldn't grasp it! That's one reason I didn't finish because I couldn't get through that stupid course! LOL! So beware of multiple choice questions they might come back and bite you! haha!

  4. Love the Pictures.. They all look like winners to me..
    The Color Orange is one of my favorites.. Thats what color I painted my Daycare room.. kind of a Pumpkin Orange!


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