Super Hero Day

What does
Geordi La ForgeImage via Wikipedia

LeVar Burton (I loved him in Reading Rainbow!)
Stan Image via Wikipedia

Stan Lee
1, 2, Freddy's coming for you...Image by publicinsomniac via Flickr

and Robert Englund have in common?

Can you believe it?  Yes, these are just some of the voices used for the different characters.  I am popping this one into the DVD player today in honor of my brother.  He has always been such a fan of comic book characters.  And here they all are (well a lot of them) as Shout Factory has them on a collaboration with Marvel Animation.  Who is your favorite?  Iron Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Siver Surfer, Thor, Falcon, MODOK or Captain America?

Heck you even have Kevin Michael Richardson of the Family Guy and Wayne Knight from Seinfield as some of the different voices.  Pretty crazy cast if you ask me.  But gosh, don't you have to be a lil over the edge to be a super hero anyway?  

Thanks to Shout Factory for sending this one over to me.  Any one wanna bring the popcorn?

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