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We have another selection for the 2010 Crazed Mind's Gift Guide. This one is for the kiddos, specifically for my grandbabes.
I love reading to them. And it is getting even better with Christmas coming up. We are getting to learn so much more about the holiday and not just the give me part, ya' know? But we are learning about the traditions too. My first choice is The Last Ornament by Judith Swisher. Here we learn about the different types of decorations we put on our tree. I know that all of ours hold some sort of sentimental meaning to my family. But we also are learning that when it all ends we have to pack it up and put it away. Like we do our toys. This book puts a fun twist on it as one ornament is lost and the others all help find it. I mean who wants to be put up without all of your friends going with you? I feel in reading this book with the grandbabes we will help get past the let down of a holiday past. And instead see the excitement of getting to visit each decoration and their meaning as we pack them up.
Another good choice is More Bears by Kenn Nesbitt. I have already been reading this one with Princess Emma and it is making top bids for the day. We start off with her asking for a Popsicle every day. Next she ask for a frozen cake (we keep Ding Dong in the freezer) and third is always More Bears please. The first time we read More Bears it took awhile to figure out the theme for her.  But once it clicked then it was a giggle with each turn of the page.  Next time we read it she started looking for each bear mentioned.  And the third time she then figured out if the bears shown were from different scenes previously in the book.  I have to give Princess Emma an A+ in memory skills.  Kenn, we have to say, yes books need more bears even when the author may not know it.

Thanks so much to the publishing companies that have been furnishing our book habit.  It is great fun to read with the kiddos.  DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.


  1. Thanks for the suggestions! Always looking for new books to read to my grandson!

  2. You have an amazing talent for words and stories, your children are very lucky to have you!

    Both books look great, we are doing an ornament exchange this year at our work Christmas party and its my job to put together an ornament building contest...and make it fun for adults, not an easy tasking...the bear book, well i am partial to anything involving bears because my son Jared is nicknamed "Jare Bear" he is such a cuddle bug and gives the bestest bear hugs in the world! :)


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