Lambs, Chicken and Giveaway

It has been a busy weekend.  Family and friends all around.  I have loved the time with everyone.  But the kids have made it wonderful, as usual.  My friends are still here and will be leaving in the morning.  I have had special time to spend with both Princess Emma and Missy Hayden.  They have played together so well.  Dancing, blowing bubbles, coloring my porch with sidewalk chalk, mud pies and finger painting.  Thankfully we have also had those quiet times too.
We had a great time when we sat down to watch the new Playhouse Disney show, Timmy Time.  You may know Timmy the lamb from the Shaun the Sheep series.  Timmy was the baby lamb but now is off to preschool.  And the kiddo's here get to go along with him.  They laughed to see him get into a fix with the go kart on the playground.  But were cheering along when he figured out how to take his turn and share with his friends.  We are going to be so happy to watch the premiere on Monday, September the 13th.  You going to join us? I also know of the great fun you can have with the downloads of Timmy Time activities and coloring pages. Just pop over here and download it yourself! You can then share your masterpiece with everyone at
Last night we also was able to have a good time bonding as we read a story. You know I am a big ol' fan of chickens. One of my first blogs was about a rooster and his antics. But now we was able to read about Percy, The Perfectly Imperfect Chicken. (Gosh, I liked him just at that alone.) This is a beautifully illustrated book by Daniel Seward and written by Rick Rieser. This was a book that was published due to I told you about them before.  This was a story to help kids learn to accept the things about themselves that is not perfect.  That hits home with everyone.  You can pop over and see the beginning of this book for yourself.  I loved how Hayden helped cluck along as we read the story.  Princess Emma made sure that we looked at each page and named all the chickens.  That was alot of chicken style names!  But Percy was the hit of the coop.
I was happy that we also are able to share with you.  How?  Well of course we are going to give one copy of Percy, The Perfectly Imperfect Chicken to one of our readers.  All you have to do pop over to the site and tell me of a great chicken name for one of the chickens or for that mouse that keeps popping up in the paintings.  Another for following me, facebook, twitter...leave a comment for each place you follow me at. Make sure your email is with you profile or on the comment. I will have a winner within two weeks.
I also have a three winners for the Chicken Soup for the Soul: True Love giveaways.   They are:
Hannah said...
follow you on twitter (achrissmile)
aigcanada7 at hotmail [dot] com
Mom vs. the boys said...
I never knew true love until I became a mother
gayle said...
I love Chicken Soup for the Soul books! Love is spending time with my grandson!!
If you are one of these three....I will sending you an email soon so we can get addresses for the publisher.
DISCLOSURE: I received a complimentary copy of this book and DVD to facilitate this review. No other compensation was provided.


  1. WOW. The pics in that book are beautiful. My son would love to read that book.

  2. Naming the chickens. That sounds familiar.

  3. I am so happy to have won!! Thank you!!
    Also, thanks for the info on Timmy Time. I will def. DVR it for my grandson!!!

  4. Good to see you on Making Friends Monday! My inspiring messages are now available on Twitter. Stop by and sign up!

  5. I asked Brody and he called the mouse Harry so there u go ! haha

    I would love to win this the pictures are wonderful in it and I'm sure Brody would love the book.


  6. I follow you on twitter !


  7. I follow your blog!



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