Let Us Interrupt the Regular Schelduled Programing

I was going to post a great post....but got side tracked.

A phone call from Nessa yelling Help! Ok, Ok be right there.

What is it. Dish pan hands emergency? Son being too much of a boy? Housework attacking you?

Pointer (dog breed)Image via Wikipedia

No....it is Dog in Tree.

Yes--------DOG IN TREE! 28 ft in the air in the tree. I am telling you, dogs do not belong in trees. And not 28 feet in the air in trees. And most certainly not there all night long and never made a sound in the tree.

Honest.....Go read this......You will be shocked.

And I will get back to my regular scheduled programing tomorrow.


Yippee! You came to talk to me. Thanks.
You know how special that makes me feel?
Like I swallowed the moon and the stars and I just shine now!