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I am posting a letter I received. This is from a man and his wife that I feel have good hearts and wish to really make a difference. Please take the time to read the following. And more so PLEASE vote this program that make a difference. You just take a moment and can get your own reward for doing so.

Now let me have you hear from Phil,

"As I'm sure you are aware, childhood obesity is a huge problem in this country. And now with the economic conditions, can you believe Physical Education is being cut in schools across the country.

Did you know that because of the childhood obesity epidemic, it is
predicted that today's children will be the first generation with a shorter lifespan than their parents?

Not only is reduced physical activity affecting children's health, but it also affects their learning ability. They just don't learn well unless they are getting exercise. The body and the brain work together.

Teachers are telling me that when the kids don't get the physical release of energy from exercise, they struggle at learning. There's a lot of scientific evidence to back this.

However, some teachers have experimented with our fitness app, Break Pal,in the classroom. We've offered it to them at no charge to see how it worked out in the classroom.

They are reporting significant success. They simply project the exercises on the overhead projector and take a few breaks during classroom time for the micro-workouts.

A teacher in Texas who teaches a special ed class has especially seen great results with this. The kids are much more focused if they get in exercise during their studies. They get through their studies faster with the increased focus levels.

We also have a few test cases starting in classrooms in the Bay Area. The teachers are very excited about it and feel it can really help their students not only get in better physical shape (As you know childhood obesity is rampant) but also to help them learn by keeping them more focuses.

Obviously it works. But it's hard to get the word out.

Right now we are a finalist in First Lady Michelle Obama's "apps for healthy kids" contest. This contest has been highly publicized and is being promoted by the White House and the USDA.

If we win, the First Lady will help us spread Break Pal to classrooms across the country. We can literally helps millions of children and people who work at desks.

Our application is the only one to integrate exercise into the day and also teach about nutrition.

Unfortunately we are a very small organization. Just my wife and Myself. We bootstrapped the entire project and built the app without outside funding.

We are competing against huge national corporations and unfortunately they are using their marketing power to garner votes for their apps and are leaving us in the dust. Some of them have PR firms working for them to get votes and I'm sure many ask their hundreds of employees to vote.

This is Where You Come In

I think that maybe bloggers and their followers can compete against these PR firms. It's worth a shot. Who better is there?

So I've decided to do something drastic.

I'm going to give out a premium version to anyone who votes for our app. They just have to contact me and tell me they voted and I'll give them a premium account. No catch. A free premium account and a thank you for voting.

It takes less than 90 seconds to vote.

What do you think? Would you vote for us? Would you be willing to spread the word? Maybe post it on your blog. It wouldn't take a full review or anything (unless you felt like it). Just a post saying we're giving away as many free memberships as people will vote for us.

As a blogger I'm sure you know all about contests and how great it is to win one. Getting into this contest has been the biggest thing that's happened to us and we really hope it can launch our program. This will bring it nationwide exposure.

If your interested here's some information:

Easy voting instructions (this will take less than 90 seconds):

1) The fastest way to vote is to go directly to the registration page first.

2) You'll then need to confirm your email address (don't worry they won't spam you)

3) Go directly to our app and click vote

4) Bonus - Share on facebook and twitter.

That's it!!!

We've produced a video on the subject with the help of our local Public access Television station. If you've got time there's some great information here.

Thank You, we really appreciate your support

Phil Weaver

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