Vistors Near and Far

We missed Princess Emma last week. But she enjoyed her time with her cousin. Thankfully we did have a few drop in visits while they were in the area. And it was great to share with Cousin C too. You see she is an avid reader. But what do you give a teen to read when they are not into the latest book to hit the shelf? Instead Cousin C loves to read adventure anime.

We was able to come up with a better alternative for her. She shared Chase to the Brazen Head and The Spider's Web from my library. These were a semi-historical adventure novel and a YA thriller. These were both published by Haven Books which is actively promoting Asia-based writers. I have so enjoyed reading both of these books and am happy to have passed them along.

Chase to the Brazen Head was well written with a great adventure through history. I loved that the kids in this story followed a 1941 expedition in order to find the answer to a current theft. This is part of The China Exploration Club books by Gregory Payne. So I know I can continue to follow this group with other adventures. In The Spider's Web by Adrian Tilley we jump to the future instead. Learning what it might just be like in the year 2056. That is not actually too far off if you think about it. This thriller has our young hero rushing ahead of everyone else while trying to unravel the secret from the Alliance. Thankfully he has help from another young woman who is also trying to save her own parents. Twist and turns that threaten to unravel all around them.

I have to say thanks to Haven Books for letting me read these two stories. They were kind enough to send me copies. I hope you look at them for some of your tweens and teens. I liked them much better than the current Twilite craze.

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