To Teach or Not To Teach

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I am worried about College Girl's ability to take classes next year. There are so many changes happening with grants and loans. We are doing all we can now to just barely pull it out of our hats (so to speak) currently. If funding gets cut anymore than I am not sure if there will be enough to pay for her school. So what do we do?

Several of the ones she went to high school with are doing their courses online. I was wondering how they like it. Are they getting a full education? Is there something lost by not having that campus experience? I spoke with a couple and it is working for them. They are able to do their class work and still do what is needed to get on with life. Some are working, starting their own business, parents and not racking up as much debt.

USC Rossier School of Education’s MAT@USC program information is guided toward teaching degrees. Now I know College Girl wishes to work in the theater. I think she would be a gifted teacher. This is one of our constant back n' forth discussions. I was checking out this school online. In case she can not do next year at her current college. Here she would be able to get her degree in as little as 12 months. Yeah one year! There is also tuition reimbursement programs and scholarship abilities. I am wondering if College Girl would be willing to look at this as a alternative if she has to lay out a year on campus? Hummmm? It is worth telling her about.

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