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Since I am on the topic of education let me continue if you don't mind. We learned College Girl has ADD in her first year of College. I learned of my own issue with dyslexia as a senior in High School. So I was wondering why did it take so long to learn of these issues. Could it have been noticed sooner. I think so.

My friend and neighbor, Nessa, has two very smart children. But they are also noticing some issues while in middle school. We have looked closely at grades, behavior and routines to see if there was ways to help them out. One of the things we have found that has helped in this endeavor is the book "The Shut-Down Learner" by Richard Selznick, Phd. We loved finding someone who could mirror our thoughts, get it you know, and also not label the children. But instead was able to give insight on what may be the issues and how to help. In reading examples of others peoples experiences we saw some of our own.

I borrowed the following from his web site,

The following typically start to emerge in the upper elementary grades, becoming much more pronounced by high school:

• A sense that the child is increasingly disconnected, discouraged, and unmotivated (shut down)
• Fundamental skill weaknesses with reading, writing, and spelling, leading to lowered self-esteem
• Increased avoidance of school tasks such as homework
• Dislike of reading
• Hatred of writing
• Little to no gratification from school
• Increasing anger toward school

You can also download the first chapter for free at his web site. You may find that you see your own child, or yourself, or a friend. But it is great to know that in simple language there is ways to help so learning is not a chore but a gift. I do wish to thank Paul J. Krupin for sending me Dr. Selznick's book. It is written with direct language while being full of techniques that can be used my most parents.

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