Advice for College Girl

Y'all know about my College Girl and that she is in her 3rd year as a Theater major. Well it is time for us to work on next years course load and financial aid packages. Oh how I hate this!

But more so is the struggle that we are having on her choice of careers, or what she thinks is her choice. I know that I see things from a different perspective than my College Girl does. As I am looking back at life as she is looking forward. So thus we have such different goals for her. And yes as her mom I do have goals for her no matter her age. I am sure all moms have felt this way for centuries.

I wish for her to go into teaching as I see it as something she will have a natural talent for. Also I see it as a steady base for a career. Of course College Girl has different plans. She wishes to work in the theater and is still looking for that right niche for herself. Thus the back and forth struggle begins. What is worst is the strain it puts on a really really good relationship we do have. I have been given so much advice and of course the #1 is to leave her be and let her make her own choices and maybe her own errors.

Well I am thrilled to be able to share with College Girl J. R. Parrish's book "You Don't Have to Learn the Hard Way-Making it in the Real World: A guide for Graduates". This is just the book I wanted for her. Here she can get great road worthy advice and it is not coming from her Parental Units (as she calls us). J.R. has sound and heartfelt advice on how to develop invaluable people skills and setting priorities for life and career. Here he shares how to understand the long-term benefits of self-discipline and recognizing the consequences of your choices. Also sharing how to avoid romantic involvement that can derail your goals and how to reap the rewarding payback for kindness and generosity. It really is a great book for study on how to make it that next step.

There is also the You Don't Have to Learn the Hard Way Mentor Appreciation Scholarship competition to celebrate the adult heroes who have nurture the potential in others. Entrants answered the question "How was your life changed by a mentor or by mentoring someone else?" And this year Meril Smith was awarded a $10,000 college scholarship to give to a high school senior or college undergraduate of his choice. What a wonderful legacy that J. R. Parrish has created. Also I wish to thank BenBella Books for sending me this book to review. It is going to come in so handy for me and College Girl.

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