Amazing Bloggy Friends

I am such a happy (but still ill) woman. Why? Well because my bloggy friends have been so nice to me today.

First look at the beautiful bracelet above.

Isn't beautiful? I love all these fun bright glass beads. I feel so dressed up wearing this gift. Yes, Gift! Tracy who is the Crazy Suburban Mom sent me this wonderful No Day Gift. What a wonderful surprise to have in the mail today. Thanks so much Tracy. I am so touched that you put so much work into this gift. My Dear Hubby also loves it. He said it could not be more perfect! Can y'all believe that CSM said " Now if I knew it was you I would have sent something vintage instead of something I made... I think I boo-boo'ed"? No way did she boo-boo. Tracy this is beautiful. Again thanks so much.

Now on to the next thing that made me feel so amazing. Ya-Ya over at Ya-Ya's Changing World did the best blog about me. She made me feel so honored. Thank you Ya-Ya! She said "It is always fun to visit Lynette." Isn't that nice! I love visiting with Ya-Ya and in the past was so much fun to watch her dance too. I adore anyone who can dance with abandon.

And then the third thing (yeah even more today) was a package in the mail from YOUCAST. They sent me The Complete First Season of SouthLAnd (uncensored). What a wonderful gift. Not just one series but enough for every one who was at my SouthLAnd Season 2 premiere at my home. So now I can pass out copies to all my friends. I can not wait for a Sunday viewing day!

So today is a Whoot! Whoot! Whoot! day after all. Thanks everyone for the bloggy love. It has made me feel better.


  1. For real I'm so relieved! After I saw your love of vintage I was all, uh-oh! I made a fair amount of the silver bracelets but only ever made 4 of the gold ones.

    I am really glad that you liked it :) You've been so sweet and sent me things before


  2. Love the presents! And it's great that you could give and receive....

  3. Thank you, Lynette. What a sweety you are. And you are fun to visit.

    ~ Yaya
    Yaya's Changing World

  4. You are very lucky indeed!!


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