Tagged and Bagged

I have been tagged by Jayde from Jayde's Little Corner. And I am glad because I wanted to post the photo for Crazy Suburban Mom anyway. So this works out great. Ok first things first......here are the rules.

When you are tagged, you are to create a post adding the 10th image in your 1st picture folder on your computer and tell the story behind it. Then, once you've accomplished that, you are to tag 5 more people to do the same.

Now on to the photo. Tracy I was sure you would love these two coffee pots. They are up on my shelves. The corning ware peculator works great. I have used it many times. It was my mom's and I remember her using it when I was growing up. The other one to the right is a solid glass peculator. I also received this one from mom too. It is safe to us on top of a gas stove. Yet I have always been quite careful as I love the look of it so much.

These look so pretty and gleaming because Sunday Dear Hubby and I cleaned all our shelves in the kitchen and dining room. This was hours and hours of work. We had to climb up on chairs and then on cabinets to get the goodies. Then of course cleaning all the dust and grime that had accumulated. But now it is all pretty. SEE!

This is just one of my many walls of stuff. Yeah, I am quite the collector. Or would that be called hoarder? Well I love it all. Especially my coffee central. See I have 6 coffee pots and 5 tea pots. Whew!

Well on to the tagged part again. I am suppose to pick 5 more people to do this. But instead I am just going to invite anyone to jump in if you wish. Let me know if you do....as I wish to see your photos too!


  1. Nice pic! Glad you got some spring cleaning done, I'm working on that as well.

  2. OMG! Thats fabulous! You should totally do a Vintage thingies thursday post at colorado lady http://coloradolady.blogspot.com/. I had NO IDEA that you collected stuff. I dont know why but I thought your mom did! LOLOL... I love that area of yours... Now if I knew it was you I would have sent something vintage instead of something I made... I think I boo-boo'ed




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