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Did you notice the lil box in the top left column of my blog. I know we tend to over look some of the things in the sidebar. But this is an important lil box. Really!

You see, I am lucky enough to be part of the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. And of course, we are trying to raise funds to help out the ACS. If you click on that lil box then you can donate to ACS under my name. And boy oh boy if I would not be appreciative.

This summer we will be doing a walk from 6 pm to 6 am. I am on the 30 Minutes Curves team. And we are a small team so far. The rules are that you have to have a team member on the track at all times. That means I could be doing hours of walking. OH MAN! So, please be kind and help donate to ACS and maybe we will have more team members. And save my aching legs too!


  1. I have something for you on my blog.

  2. Where and when is the walk, I would love to join your team.


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