Tuesday TV

Yes, I am starting another lil fun weekday blog post. Tuesday TV is for those must see shows. You may remember I told you to watch "Men of a Certain Age". I have so enjoyed that series. But more so has been Dear Hubby. We both agree that there is not too many shows that show how real men feel. This one sure did.
Well we have another TNT show coming up that I think you may also enjoy. "SouthLAnd" has moved over to TNT and has the season premier coming up next Tuesday (3-2-10 @ 9 pm central). We both enjoy drama on TV and the portrayal of how law enforcement works. Pop over to their site and get a preview of what is to come. I can not wait for out viewing party next Tuesday. I will tell you more about that real soon!

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  1. I'm not sure I'll make it to that one. It's a bit late for me and the kids to stay up for on a weekday.


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