I'm Here---Again!

Hey there all my wonderful friends. Sorry I disappeared for a bit. I have to say dealing with depression is never fun. But when it just takes the legs right out from under you--then it is even harder to get back up and running. Well I am trying my best. Please forgive my absence from here and from visiting you. I am working very hard to get myself healthy again. In the meantime I have a lil housekeeping to take care of.

First I have two winners to announce. For the two books of "Feeding Penny Pig and "I'm Up in a Tree" the winner is:
Theresa N. said... Gosh a book that encourages saving sounds wonderful!! I will be sending you an email right away too!
Our second winner to celebrate 100+ followers we have:
PJ said... Congrats on your 100 followers! I'm glad to be one of them! Your froggy is adorable!
Love ya Bunches! OMG Pattie! Whoot and double whoot. I will have a gift for you really really soon. Something patterned for you from me.

Now since I have been so out of it lately, I feel like I can not even trust myself at times. Have you felt that way? Well what do you do when you begin to trust the men you have relationships with? Do you rely on your "woman's intuition'? Or do you ask questions behind their backs? I know that I am in wonderful relationship now but have had those relationships that was not healthy for me. Could I have done something to know "Is He Lying to You?" before hand? Well Dan Crum, an ex-CIA polygraph examiner has written a book just to help in that situation. He has over 101 examples of deception that men use. You can also see clues to know when to pull the plug on a date. Is there a "magic" question to trap a liar. Well Dan thinks he has the answers for you. "Dan Crum provides a unique and provocative insight into the minds of men and what they don't want you to know."
--Barry McManus, CIA Chief Polygraph Examiner and Interrogator (Ret.) I am aware that many relationships are healthy and happy. But at times we really do need to tune into who we are with and if all is on the up and up. If your unsure then you may want to check out "Is He Lying to You?"


  1. Totally understand depression and no, I'm not just saying that. 'Nuff said?


  2. Glad you are around and feeling better! We will always be out here waiting.

  3. I totally understand the depression thing, been there, done that and back again.

    You take all the time you need for yourself, that's what matters most.


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