Confession of a Budget Blower

When you deal with depression, many other issues come into play. For me a major one is money. I have to watch myself (and sometimes so do others) for financial infidelity. Or in layman's terms "feelgood" spending. You know where you buy things you just don't need to fill that hole inside.

Now I am lucky that I do not do this in large ways. Like buying big ticket items. But I can still lie about what I spend by just not telling. And being that I am the budget maker and bill payer then that is not always the best thing.

Well, I have a lil help now. "Mind Over Money:Overcoming the Money Disorders that Threaten Our Financial Health" has been written by a father and son team of financial psychologist. They have put down in easy to understand terms just what we do to hurt ourselves. The dangers and pitfalls that are in a disorder when dealing with money. And they also help in how to overcome those issues. What I really like is that this does not tell me how to manage my money. Instead it helps me learn about my relationship with money. How I use it or abuse it to fulfill other needs. And in turning that around I am releasing some of the mounting stress I feel. Of course, that helps my depression lift too! So it is a win win situation for me.

They also host a website named Your Mental Wealth. And there you can take a free money disorders test. Yes, we have test for all sort of disorders floating around. But this one may just help you get back up in the saddle in your pocket book. And with times as hard as they are for so many right now, who can not use a lil help. They would like to offer you a special code to take the money disorder test. The coupon code is "CRAZEDMIND" where you can take the test for free without owning the book.


  1. Sounds like something I need to take a look at for my household!

  2. Wow, this is amazing and I am familiar with this!

  3. I enjoy much too much feelgood shopping! Typically it's really just small stuff for the house, but sometimes I go overboard.

    Sounds like a good book!


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