Eeeek! It's Cold Out There!

Did you know it is colder than.....well the North here in Texas? Well, let me tell you, STOP IT!
I am freezing. Honest I am. We do live in a 90 year old house. We do not have any insulation in the walls because there is not an inner wall to put any in. And even with the central heat (read gas and electric sucking bill maker here) it is still freezing in here.

I am currently wearing flannel pajamas, fuzzy socks, athletic shoes (and thinking of putting toe socks on my feet), my house sweater and a great big robe made from a chenille bedspread. Oh and was wearing fuzzy gloves (like the socks) but can not type with them on. I am also throwing in that I woke before 3 a.m. again too! Dang dogs barking to go out IN THE SNOW!

But I do get brownie points. I have done two loads of laundry. Well it was for self preservation. You know, so I could crawl into the warm warm warm bath towels right from the dryer. And I am wife extraordinaire too! Yeppers, you bet ya' I am. Just ask Dear Hubby? I took all of his underclothes (he works outside at one job) and put them in the dryer so they were all warm when he put them on this morning. Yeah, right from the warm blankets of bed to warm undies, socks and thermals.


  1. I do believe that, that sounds very uncomfortable to be that cold. Sending you some warmth!

  2. Bet the hubby loved the warm underclothes! It's warming up out there some though! And I got some great snow pics yesterday.

  3. hi lynette,
    hey there, thanks for stopping by! this year we have been alllll hit so hard by the "white stuff!" i am soooo over it! we had to move out of our house last blizzard because we lost power and my daughers disability just made her stiff as a rock! it was awful! so i feel your pain, and warm towels! that is hysterical! keep warm!!
    shelley :)

  4. Dont do the toe socks, your toes are warmer when they are together.

  5. And I thought I spoiled my husband - LOL!
    It's freezing here, too...

  6. It looks really cold their as you've described it. Nice idea with the dryer, maybe throw some hug their so he'll feel warmer.

  7. Bake it will help keep your house warm. I woke up at 5 am this morning for no reason.


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