Win a Magical Photo

I have a friend over at Jayde's Little Corner and she has a fantastic giveaway going on.
Is it a new car? Or a house all redone for one lucky winner? How about your bills paid for a year?

Would be amazing, but alas she is not that rich or magical. But she can do something I find fantastic. She can alter photos to make the neatest looks ever. And she is going to do that for one lucky winner. (Maybe me?) Well, ok you can go and enter to win too.

But, first let me share just a lil about Jayde. She is a mom to two teen/tweens. A beauty of a blond headed girl who has eyes just like her mom. And a tow head boy who still remembers that the imagination is the greatest toy! Jayde also has a sexy as heck boyfriend. Why do I say that? Well, because he makes me laugh...and that is the best sex appeal I know of. They have a hoard of pets (dog, cats and snakes). Jayde works as a manager of a convenience store and knows how hard it is to keep business up during such hard times. But she stays positive and has great customer appeal.

And now off to show you a little of her work. Jayde hope you don't mind me showing off for you!
And don't forget to go and enter so you can have an original to give or receive as a Christmas Present. And remember all of these photos belong to Jayde. But the one she makes for the winner is all theirs to do with as they wish.

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  1. What a great blog. Thank you so much for the nice words!!! Good luck with the contest!

  2. The pictures are really pretty! She's very talented!

  3. What great pictures.

    I agree - I'd love an adult Christmas.


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