Introducing JenJo3D and Miss Emma

I would love to introduce my friends and their newest blog, Rants & Raves.
JenJo3D and Miss Emma are part of my family and friends.
Now y'all have heard a lil of Miss Emma since she is College Girls lil sister.
And JenJo3D is Miss Emma's momma.

Now I know it can all be quite confusing life tends to be in all directions.
You see this is my ex's family.
BUT, they are mine too. As we are all quite friendly and happy with each other.

Well, now they are sharing their day to day life with the likes of us.
And I am enjoying seeing it.
Reading about Miss Emma's plants and learning her letters.
Learning more about JenJo3D too.
And remembering so many ways that College Girl was raised.
Seeing the similarities and hearing the adorable voice of a lil girl sounding so much like her older sister.

I ask you to please pop over to Rants and Raves.
Visit my friends and family.

Say a proper Howdy Y'all for me too!
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  1. I am following there blog...

  2. That's so sweet that you all get along so well!


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