Am I Old?

OK what signals your getting old?

The Old Lady and the BirdsImage by soylentgreen23 via Flickr

You know old as in I do not want to go there kicking and screaming!

Is it when you start coloring your hair? No not the oh how cool my hair is pink! But the oh no I see more gray hair than I can pluck--so time to color.

Or is it when you find an age spot on your hand, that you can not pull off!

How about having rheumatoid arthritis. . .for the last 10 years? Yes, I have to take meds to help me function without great pain.

Well I was told today that most women color their hair.
And that one spot on my hand is not so bad.
AND many people, including children, have rheumatoid arthritis.

So that does not make me old.

But are you old when the doctor finally prescribes VESIcare?
Yes, I have become one of those pipe people.
And am now seeing if I can take control of a bladder that is out of control.



  1. No you are not old.. you would be old if you didn't know you needed the pipe work, worked on... now that's old.
    Have fun, Take Care

  2.'re only as old as you feel. I don't think you're old. :)


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