Holidays & Mixed Families

If your not aware I am like so many others. I have been married and divorced and married..........and now I have a mixed family. With that is always new lessons to learn on how to exist in these families with harmony. I feel quite lucky that my ex and I sat down and talked on how to have a friendly divorce. We knew we would always be our daughter's parents and would have to be part of each others lives after our divorce. And we have made it work out with little fuss.

So how did we get there? Well, first we wasted a long time. Staying married 15 years when our marriage was over in the first 5 years. I would have liked to have read "How to Know if it's Time to Go-A 10-Step Reality Test for Your Marriage". Now I know that we all wish to keep our marriage healthy. I wanted to do the very same thing. But instead wasted 10 years of mine and my ex's life. And drug our sweet daughter through those trying times. Sometimes we just have to face reality.

What I do like about this book is that it addresses your children's issues. Making it a fact that there needs to be healthy relationships between the separated parents and future families. So you need to deal with how a healthy divorce works compared to an unhealthy marriage. (I know having been there.) And helping your child or children with school, family, friends, self esteem and all the issues that come up. I feel quiet lucky that we took a logical look at our future. Now having been divorced over 7 years we can still visit each other with our College Girl. And even better yet, College Girl now has her (half) lil sister to share her life with. The two families often share meals, holidays and even for a short while a home together.

I would like to thank Sterling Publishing Company for sharing "How to Know if it's Time to Go". And would highly recommend it as a tool to help when you need to take a reality check of your marriage. You will most likely find that your marriage is in better shape than you thought. And that life can be improved through communication and maybe counseling.

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  1. Wish I'd had this about 7 years ago. Can't complain too much, I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I wouldn't be here, and have such wonderful friends if certain 'unpleasant' things hadn't occurred. So I am grateful!

  2. Hey Kiddo! I've been trying to get to my blog for over an hour and it won't get passed the dashboard. I figured I'd better start comments or people were gonna think I didn't care, luckily I remembered your url. Anyway, that sounds like a good book. As you know it took me 3 times to find the right man and even after 23 years, we still have problems.

    Love ya !


  3. Wish my parents had had access to that.


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