Buried in Tissue

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I can not crawl out of all this paper, ribbons, tape and gift boxes.
I know that somewhere out there someone is excited about Christmas.
But right now I am not one of them.

I have skimped and hidden this and that for a year now.
Yes I am one of the ones who starts at the day after Christmas getting next years gifts.
And after hiding booty everywhere, I had to dig it all out.

Then comes out the list.
Name every family member, friend and neighbor that I need to give the presents too.
Next go through each bag and match up the gift to the person and mark who it is for.
And place name of present with name of person.
Lastly on the list, I have to see who I have missed.

That brings me to sacks of merchandise with family names on the outside of them.
I get to wrap them, label them and place them back in said bag.
Finally comes the "HO HO HO" time to deliver gifts all around.
Leaving bags, ribbons and bows in my wake.

When all that is done...the fun really begins.
Clean all of the house tip top to very bottom, in and out.
Gather the porridge, pies and pork to cook up a storm.
Then feed the hoards of these and thems.
Just to finish up with dishes massed above the sink.

Oh, to put up the feet afterwards, rest, relax and plan for New Years Eve!

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  1. I hope in the midst of all this you take a moment for yourself.

  2. I have never been organized in the least. I'm a last minute shopper, planner, wrapper. I started wrapping when I got off wor yesterday, but did not finish before the kids made it home. Hopfully I can finish today after work.

  3. I haven't even started wrapping yet we just put up our tree yesterday, I didn't want to fight Ina all the time.

  4. I'm off to frantically wrap all the presents for my familys xmas celebration Sat morning. Then when we get back, I will frantically go searching for my sons gifts and then wrap some more.
    I do love it but I'm glad it's just one month!


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